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The MARS™ Project is a peer-initiated and peer-based recovery support project sponsored by the National Alliance of Medication-Assisted (NAMA) Recovery.

Thanks to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for providing space and for being supportive of our efforts, the original MARS™ Community was launched in 2005 with funding from a SAMHSA RCSP grant.

In 2012, the Beyond MARS Training Institute was formed to replicate this model and implement MARS™ “satellite” programs across the United States.

The growing MARS™ Community currently includes fourteen programs across the United States. We offer a wide range of training and technical assistance services.

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Who We Help

  • We help Medication-Assisted Treatment Programs develop a holistic approach that includes MAT education and a supportive peer community.
  • We help drug-free programs to integrate medication-assisted treatment into their other services.
  • We help anyone from any organization that is interested in promoting an effective approach to medication-assisted treatment and recovery efforts.

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